4 Essential Steps To Do Before Using Handstick Vacuum For The First TIme

Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

The first handstick vacuum often causes problems because you don’t know how to set it up for the first time. It can lower the lifespan of the vacuum itself, even with proper maintenance. To avoid that problem, here we have a guide to setting up a handstick vacuum cleaner.

First Battery Charging

All handheld vacuum cleaners use cordless design with a battery as its power source. Therefore, the very first thing you should do is charge the battery before you use it.

The seller will also recommend you to do this and you also can find this step in its manual. You should at least charge it for 4-6 hours before you use it. After that, you can use it normally.

This step is necessary to warm up or activate the battery cell. It will prolong the battery lifespan, plus it won’t run out easily.

Connecting the Extension

This product also includes an extension stick, which allows you to reach every place in your room. So, you should also put the extension on before you use it. Make sure the clip or button that locks the extension locks it firmly to the vacuum body.

Setup the Nozzle

In general, you will get three types of cleaning nozzles. There is the mop type for cleaning the floor and wider or flat surfaces. You can find the brush-type head cleaner you can use to clean the sofa or smaller space.

So, the next step is putting the nozzle or head cleaner of your choice onto the extension. Match it with your cleaning needs.

Most products use an easy-to-install nozzle with a clipping style. Therefore, you won’t have any problem installing this part on your handstick vacuum extension.

Adjusting the Power

Depending on the brand, you will have many options for sucking or vacuum power from this tool. However, you can adjust its setting for low and high power.

The low power is suitable for light cleaning. On the other hand, the high-power setting is for cleaning a thicker and difficult-to-clean stain. You need to remember if you use a high-power setting, the battery will run out much faster.


A portable vacuum cleaner type like this type tends to be easier to set up than the other type. Therefore, by following our guide above, you won’t have any problem using this vacuum cleaner. Then, you will enjoy the best advantages of having a handstick vacuum product.


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