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Like other kinds of hobbies and activities, watch collecting has evolved in recent years. As a result, some new trends and new technologies exist in order to satisfy the watch collector’s need for new innovation. In recent years, new trends have emerged in the world of watch collecting. From watch straps to luxury watch winder, here are some new trends in the world of watch collecting.

Interchangeable Straps

Strap is an important yet often overlooked part of a watch. Different strap material could give a different feeling and comfort to your hand. Therefore, swapping strap color and material is currently becoming one of the most popular trends in watch collecting. Modern luxury watch manufacturers often include an interchangeable strap for their watch to suit different occasions or activities. These straps usually come with different colors and materials, for example rubber strap for outdoor activities such as diving and climbing or leather strap for formal indoor events.

New Watch Material 

New trends also appear in watch manufacturers. This trend includes the use of new material in watch construction. Watches with various new materials such as carbon fiber or ceramic have recently become so popular among watch collectors. Watch material selection is usually chosen based on the user of the watch themselves. For example carbon fiber watches which are more suitable for military personnel or outdoor activity lovers due to its tough yet light characteristic.  While ceramic is suitable for people with sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic property. Either material will look good when displayed on a luxury watch winder.

Automatic Watch Winder

A luxury watch will hold its value more if it’s better maintained. As a result, in the last few years, luxury watch winder have gained some popularity among watch collectors. This happens due to some requirements of certain brands of automatic watch which require a proper winding to stay function and better maintained. Not only that, watch collectors with multiple luxury watches can also display their collection using a watch winder. There are also several advantages that watch enthusiasts can get by using the best luxury watch winder. Some of them include moisture protection, proper watch lubrication, and proper watch security.

In summary, there have been a lot of new trends that appear in the watch enthusiast community. Some trends exist due to high requirement of watch customization, the others exist due to requirement of watch maintenance. In the end, new trends will always appear due to the never-ending quest of watch enthusiasts to spark more excitement on this hobby.


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