Things You Should Know if You’re Going to Get a Rotating Watch Box

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Watch winder is one of many items that almost all watch enthusiasts have. When you get into the watch collecting hobby or if you’re just into watches, then you might want to have this device. However, there are several things that you should know before you get a rotating watch box.

Watch winder can be expensive

There are various varieties of watch winder that you can find in stores. Some of them might have a relatively cheap price, but others might be expensive. Price range between each winder is influenced by different features and durability that each watch winder brand has. So, you might find a cheap rotating watch box with minimal features or an expensive high-end watch winder that is full of features. So, keep in mind that you’ll get a better watch winder if you’re willing to pay more.

Watch winder is not an absolute maintenance

A lot of people believe a misconception which says that a self-winding watch box will give your watch an absolute maintenance. As a result, people will tend to pay less attention when their watch really needs proper yearly maintenance. Watch winder’s sole purpose is to automatically wound your automatic watch. Although it could give some extra care to your watch, necessary maintenance is still required to keep your watch running and ticking. So, be aware that you are still required to give your watch a service and maintenance at a certain time period.

You probably wouldn’t really need a watch winder

Watch winder is a rotating watch box that will automatically wound your automatic watch when you’re not wearing it. A watch winder might be convenient for people that possess a lot of watches in their collection. By using a winder, people don’t have to repeat the process of manually wounding their watch every morning. But if you only have watch watches in your possession and have the time to wear each one every day, then you wouldn’t probably really need a watch winder.

To sum up, there are several things that you have to know before you get a self-winding watch box or a watch winder. First, you’ll get a good winder if you’re willing to pay more for it. Second, you’re still required to give your watch a proper service and maintenance even though you have put them in a winder. Lastly, if you don’t have a lot of watches in your collection, you probably don’t really need a winder.


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